Products and services

Surveillance cameras
We market Mobotix' unique IP cameras in Sweden. Double optics, built-in web server, and more. We also install many other traditional cameras both wired and wireless.
We sell and install everything from small domestic alarms to complex systems connected to alarm centres and/or with GSM, picture transmission, and much more.
CCTV camera surveillance
We install a number of different CCTV cameras both for indoor and outdoor use, rotating cameras, hidden cameras, as well as DVR recording equipment with 4 to 16 channels.
Fingkey Mouse
Optical mouse with built-in fingerprint identification. For those who demand high security in their data systems. You also skip having to remember passwords, while simultaneously preventing access by unauthorised users.
Fingkey Hamster
Fingerprint reader for use in different applications where high security is required. Used together with NAC-3000 or for logging on in computers where you wish to combine with your own personal mouse.
Access Control System NAC-3000
Our high-tech pass system is based on fingerprint identification, but can also be used with code or an RF card. NAC-3000 can be connected either within a network or independently.
Monitoring with recording (DVR)
Complete monitoring system with 4 cameras and DVR with built-in hard disk. Suitable for shops and small companies. Display on a normal television or load to a computer and go through the material at home in peace and quiet. Probably the best value on the market.